Upcoming Sunday, August 27: Tri2one course reccy Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

With two weeks to go until Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, another Tri2one course reccy is scheduled for Sunday, August 27. Together with a part of our organization, several Tri2one coaches and of course a group of enthusiastic participants, we will ride one lap of the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam bike course and after the bike there will also be the opportunity to explore our run course.

“Two weeks before the event, this is the perfect opportunity to explore and check out the course one last time,” explains Event Director Jefry Visser. “We ride the bike course in three groups, guided by a team of Tri2one coaches. The fastest group rides around 35 kilometers per hour, the second group rides around 30 kilometers per hour and the third group rides around 27 kilometers per hour. Athletes of all levels can participate.” All groups are accompanied by motorbikes from the organization.

Halfway through the bike course, just past the city of Lelystad, there is an aid station where participants can grab free drinks and/or sports nutrition. In addition, Tri2one coaches will be on hand to answer questions about nutrition, tapering, race preparation and anything else you want to know about training.

The Tri2one course reccy takes place on Sunday, August 27 and starts at 10:00 am from the Esplanade in Almere (our event area, ed.). Participants will gather together in front of bike store Van der Linde.

Signing up for the Tri2one course reccy is not necessary, but to give us an indication of the amount of athletes, you could sign up through the Facebook event we created. Even without that registration, athletes are welcome to join us this Sunday.