Challenge this! Swim 1,9km, bike 94km, and run 21,1km through the flat and open landscape of Almere-Amsterdam.

September 14th 2024 it’s on!


8.7 was the average score the atletes gave to Challenge Almere-Amsterdam!

Middle Distance

Zone3 Swimcourse

1 lap of 1,9km

CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM starts with one swim lap of 1,9 kilometers in the Weerwater. The start is next to the Kunstlinie (Theater) on the Esplanade in Almere Stad. You will swim counterclockwise. The first transition from swim to bike takes place in the Lumierepark.

94% of the participants think the swim course is (very) good! 


1 lap of 94 km

The bike course of the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM Middle Distance triathlon has a 1-lap structure. A connecting road takes you alongside the lake Weerwater and through the woods of Almere Haven. Once arrived at the dike, the first lap starts in westward direction. For about 45 km (until you’ve reached Flevoland’s capital Lelystad) there will be water on you’re left-hand side. On clear days, this passage will provide a spectacular view of Amsterdam at the other side of the IJmeer. At your right side you will pass the Oostvaardersplassen, a wildlife reserve containing numerous animal species. At the roundabout in Lelystad you turn right to cross the polder while cruising on the reclaimed land below sea-level. From there it’s all about straight roads, wind, and the elements in the polder. A bridge will take you to the Zeewolde territory.

After reaching the dike again there’s an important choice to make. Participants of the Middle Distance triathlon will turn right towards Transition 2. After lap one the Challenge Long Distance athletes go straight on to a second lap of dike and polder.

After finishing lap 1 and returning to Almere, also the second transition will take place in the Lumiere park in Almere Stad.

90% of the participants think the bike course is (very) good!

Download GPX-file of the Bike Course:(only accessible on race day!) ZIP


2 laps of 10.1km (and a 900 meter return to the finish)

From the Lumierepark, you start your running course through the modern architecture of the city centre. The centre of attention is the green area around the Weerwater, the lake in the middle of Almere that once was a sea. The running course consists of a 900-meter loop to start with and then two 10.1km laps to be completed before finishing on the Esplanade.

94% of the participants say the run course is (very) good! 

Download GPX-file of the run course –