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More than 40 Years of triathlon history

Almere is the beating heart of Dutch triathlon with the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM as its highlight: a unique event by international standards, which is a once in a lifetime experience for athletes, volunteers, and supporters.

The CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM is organized by volunteers only. The board and three race directors direct a team of managers. Each of these managers gets help from a group of volunteers to organize their specific part of the race. Various volunteers are active throughout the year in order to prepare the race. Managers meet each other every six to eight weeks to discuss preparations for the race and take days off for the race in order to build and dismantle the event.

The directors are Richard Belderok (Race Director), Jefry Visser (Operations Director), and Jort Vlam (Commercial Director). All three grew up in Almere and became involved in triathlon at a young age. As triathletes, they all finished the Long Distance triathlon in Almere one or more times. Together with the board, they were responsible for the shift of Holland Triathlon to CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM in 2013. The three directors are also involved in the organization of CHALLENGEFAMILY, TRI HARD Series Netherlands and Stichting Start2Finish in Almere.

Meet our amazing Managers Team


We couldn’t do it without them and all our volunteers

Boudewijn Vlam

Water Security

Carina Graman

Kunstlinie: Green Bags + Massage

Corry Aarts

Secretary & Infodesk

Debby Angenent

Volunteer administration

Debby van Dongen

Office Manager / Registration

Tim Moria

Press, PR & Marketing

Derek Haenen

Run Course

Bart Bockhoudt

Manager Motard

Frank Veltman


Gertjan Steltman

Accomodation and VIP

Harm-Anton Kiefte

RSS: Bike Course

Henri Jacobs

RSS: Race Security & Support

Jelle Wiebenga

RSS: Bike Course

Jeroen Fakkeldij

Transition Area

Jolanda Felix

Eventmanager – Kunstlinie

Judith Ettema

Athletes Care

Lianne van Dijk

Secretary & Infodesk

Niels van Mourik

Eventmanager – Esplanade

Matthijs Wubs

Eventmanager – Bike & Run Course

Marjan van Aken

Junior Challenge

Marjelke Paré

Athletes Care

Marlous Droog

Medical Services

Richard Treffers

Corporate Ambassador/Sponsorship

Roy Philip


Shanna Weterings

Warehouse & Logistics

Willem Westhoff

Production Consultant

Walter Hubers

Security & Event Control

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