Challenge Almere-Amsterdam adds free Kids Run to race schedule

To enthuse youth even more about endurance sports and activate them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is introducing a free Kids Run this year. On Friday afternoon, September 8, children up to 12 years old can participate in a 500 meter Run, 1000 meter Run or 2000 meter Run.

“Getting kids excited about endurance sports: that’s something we like to achieve at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. This does not necessarily mean all kids need to swim, bike and run and our Kids Run – in 2023 new added to our race schedule – was created with this idea in mind. The Kids Run will run alongside the already existing and ever-popular Junior Challenge. With our Junior Challenge, hundreds of children are participating in a short-distance triathlon every year, but with the Kids Run, it’s ‘only’ about running. To keep the Kids Run accessible, we have chosen to make the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam Kids Run free of charge. This way everyone can participate,” explains Event Director Jefry Visser.

There is a limit of a hundred participants, Visser says. “The course runs through the city center of Almere. Of course, all children will finish at the magical spot where the European Championships Long Distance Triathlon will take place only one day later! Thousands of triathletes from around the world – around 60 nationalities – will gather there on Saturday, Sept. 9, to swim 3.8 kilometers, bike 180 kilometers and run 42.2 kilometers. Children will thus run and finish on the magical ground where some of the very best triathletes in the world will compete for European titles only one day later. It would be great if all those kids experienced that bit of magic for themselves, fall in love with the sport and – most importantly – realized how nice and important it is to have an active, healthy lifestyle.”

The Challenge Almere-Amsterdam Kids Run starts on Friday, September 8, at 4:30 p.m. with the 500 meter Run. At 4:40 p.m. the 1000 meter Run will start and at 5:00 p.m. the 2000 meter Run will take place. Free registration is available through this link: