These are the best spots and ways to follow Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

While Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is scheduled for next Saturday (September 10), Almere is getting ready for a huge triathlon spectacle. The best triathletes from Europe will come to Almere to compete for the European titles over the classic Long Distance: a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and a 42.2km run. In this article you’ll find the best spots and ways to follow the race. Make sure to check our website as well, since there you’ll find an overview of all the course maps. Not on site during the race? We have a free


At 7:10am the male professional athletes dive into the Weerwater. From the Esplanade you can see them enter the water, follow them during their two swimming laps of 1.9 kilometers and also see them exit the water again. Here you are really in the middle of the action and the athletes pass you by immediately. At 7:12 am the female professional athletes will follow and then the thousands of Age Group athletes who are competing in the Long Distance and Middle Distance will follow as well. There are starts until 8:50 am. 


On the Esplanade you’ll find T1 (transition zone from swim to bike) and T2 (transition zone from bike to run). So, while you see all the athletes coming out of the water, you also see them leaving with their bikes again, ready to rock the bike course. Spectacular! 

The Havenkom in Almere Haven is also a popular location to cheer for the athletes on the bike. From about 8:15am the first athlete will pass here and then you can watch the athletes for multiple hours. Middle Distance participants pass here once (after about ten kilometers) and Long Distance participants twice (after about ten kilometers and about 95 kilometers). 


Once the athletes have put their bikes back in T2 – on the Esplanade, that is – you will see them set off for their half or full marathon. Three or six laps around the Weerwater await them. Each lap athletes pass through the stadium on the Esplanade, where the public has free admission. Here you stand among hundreds of enthusiastic supporters, there is live music, snacks and drinks, and all the action takes place. Athletes never pass by without goose bumps. The first athletes will start  their run around 10:30am.

In addition, at ‘het Oor’ – on the far side of the Weerwater – is always a very popular hotspot with lots of spectators. There are many spectators and music is played here; athletes always consider this one of the most special places on the course and for spectators it is really worth having a look and especially cheering along! Along the Weerwater you will find several of these hotspots. You can also cheer on the athletes from the Floriade grounds: you’ll need an entrance ticket of course, but you can combine your day at the Floriade with watching Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. After all, the athletes will be running right across the Floriade grounds: a unique opportunity! 

Finish of the first athletes:

The first athlete in the Middle Distance will finish around 12:00. The first athlete in the European Championship Long Distance finishes around 14:45. You can follow all this from within the stadium on the Esplanade – where the finish line forms the centre of all the action.

Finish Line Party:

After the finish of the first athletes, the thousands of Age Group athletes will follow. The last finisher will cross the line somewhere between 10-11pm: in the dark and cheered by the hundreds of spectators, the honking of the medical services and, of course, the inspirational words of the stadium speakers. There is nowhere such a beautiful finish line party as in Almere! 


Are you unfortunately not in a position to follow the race on site? The entire race will be broadcast via a livestream from 7:00 in the morning. Make sure to check this livestream via