Junior Challenge won by Het Baken, while Lebouille-brothers celebrate double podium

The results of the Junior Challenge are online!
Seniors (High school):
Boys: Pim Lebouille (Het Baken) 43:37
Girls: Danielle Spoelder (Het Baken) 48:57
Juniors (High school)
Boys: Malte Fischer (Trinitas Dortmund) 47:20
Girls: Romy Spoelder (Het Baken) 51:28
School ranking:
1. Het Baken
2. Oostvaarderscollege
3. Amstelveencollege
There will be a party tonight at the Lebouille residence, as fifth-grader Pim Lebouille won the Junior Challenge this afternoon. His younger brother Joep, a third-grader, took second place. The girl’s event was won by Daniëlle Spoelder. Their podium spots helped Het Baken to secure the win in the competition for high schools.
After swimming 380 meters, cycling 18 kilometers and running 4,2 kilometers the Lebouille-brothers agreed: ‘this will be celebrated tonight.” Still Pim looked beyond the party. “We’ll be cheering for all the athletes participating in the Challenge and Half Challenge tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that.”
The high school competition was won by Het Baken, who beat Oostvaarderscollege and Amstelveencollege. Alderman René Peeters from the Almere City Council said: “These 550 kids are an example to all of Almere’s youth.” The Junior Challenge was the opening event in the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam raceweekend.
This is an adjusted version of the text by Almere Dichtbij/Tim Moria (source)