Registration Challenge Almere Amsterdam 2014 open now!

Ofcourse the date has been marked on your calendar for some time now, but at this moment it’s really possible to register for Challenge Almere Amsterdam 2014! In the weekend of September 12th, 13th and 14th the polders of Flevoland can be used for beating personal best times, achieving sportive excellence and making an outstanding debut. Kicking off at friday September 12th with the Junior Challenge and the Senior Challenge. Saturday September 13th is Long Distance day, with the Challenge Almere Amsterdam, the Half Challenge Amere Amsterdam, the Tri-Together and the Business4tTri. Sunday is relay day, with the Family-Relay, the Business-Relay and who knows, maybe we will even see some exciting action in the finals of the Dutch triathlon competitions.

Registration goes exclusively trough this page, except for the Junior and Senior Challenge.