Oda Berends: ‘It always seemed nice to me to do a triathlon’

In the upcoming weeks we will speak with our participants. With you! About your preparations, your goals. And of course about the story behind your participation. Today the story of Oda Berends.

She only started with triathlon in February 2018. In just two weeks time, she will be at the start of the Middle Distance of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. ,,I really got in love with this sport.”

The preparations of Oda Berends are going well. ,,Despite being a little bit older (47) I don’t have any serious injuries. I’ve started since February and completed a Middle Distance at Mallorca already. Since then I’ve just been addicted. In two weeks I will start at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. It’s always the question if the body is ready for it, but so far, so good!”

Maybe it’s extra special for Berends to start in Almere. Not only because she is just new to triathlon, but also because she has some ‘limitations’: asthma and hip dysplasia. I always thought I couldn’t do Long Distances, especially the running part. So I never tried. As some sort of joke I tried a sprint distance earlier and that felt pretty okay. I was overtaken by my neighbor, but at that point I would love it if I could go for a further distance.”

In the meantime Berends succeeded on that one. She completed a Middle Distance and is going strong for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam ,,I’ve joined a Triathlon Club (Triathlon Vereniging Arnhem). It’s very nice to be part of this club and all the help and support I get there is really great.”

Berends used to live in Almere a long time ago. ,,But the city has changed a lot since then. I’m really looking forward to the race and just going to enjoy it. Maybe I will do a Long Distance some day. This is something triggering me whole the time.”