Bochane Almere new Mobility Partner of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

It is with huge enthusiasm that Bochane Almere and Challenge Almere-Amsterdam announce a new partnership: effective immediately, Bochane Almere will be the official mobility partner of the second-oldest Long Distance triathlon in the world and the best-known triathlon race in The Netherlands. For Bochane Almere, the partnership marks an important step in its commitment to support world-class sporting events while strengthening its community.

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, known for its flat but challenging course and attracting top athletes from around the world, will benefit from Bochane Almere’s expertise and commitment to mobility. “As a mobility partner, we will provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions for athletes, organizers and volunteers throughout the event,” said Sales Manager Raymond Joosten.

“Our commitment goes beyond simply providing vehicles; we are committed to contributing to the success and smooth execution of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam as a whole. With a wide range of modern and environmentally friendly vehicles from our Nissan, Renault and Dacia brands, we are ready to support the logistical needs of the event. In addition, we have a wide range of occasions, so there is a suitable solution for every mobility need.”

Bochane Almere firmly believes in the power of sports and community involvement and therefore sees great benefit in a partnership with Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. “By joining forces, we hope to make a positive impact on both participants and spectators. We look forward to a successful collaboration and a spectacular event.”

Race organizer Jefry Visser also says he is happy with the new partnership and has found a very good partner in Bochane Almere. “As mentioned, they take care of transport solutions that are incredibly important for us: you can imagine that with just under five thousand athletes over the race weekend, tens of thousands of supporters as well as the entire organization, including construction and dismantling of the event site, we sometimes run into difficult issues. The fact that Bochane Almere will play a helping hand in this is more than valuable.”

In addition, Visser also emphasizes the importance of using the modern and environmentally friendly vehicles provided by Bochane Almere. “As Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, we have been working for years on organizing our race as ‘green’ as possible and leaving as small a footprint as possible. Thanks to the expertise of Bochane Almere, this will become a little bit easier again.”