Milan Brons wins Middle Distance

The 22-year old Milan Brons from Almere has won the Middle Distance of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. Clearly he was the strongest in a time of 4.08.00. Jeppe Hofman from Denmark became second in a time of 4.13.22. Sven Wies from Germany became third in 4.14.07.

Brons said the circumstances were heavy today. Until running it was raining whole the day and there were a lot of wind. ,,The way too Lelystad we had some backwind, but there were a lot of long ways with wind from ahead. That was really tough.”

After 15 kilometer of biking, Brons took the lead. He did the swimming in the leading group, but decided to go alone on the bike. ,,I pushed up the pace and was hoping for a good running day. And so it went.”

Brons looks back on a great season and was hoping for a win in his hometown Almere. And later on he will start on a Long Distance. ,,I’m ambitious about that, but for now I’m too young for that. It would be great to finish a Long Distance in Almere in the future.”