Ingrid Kerstges: ‘I really want to cross that finish line’

In the upcoming weeks we will speak with our participants. With you! About your preparations, your goals. And of course about the story behind your participation. Today the story of Ingrid Kerstges.

,,I decide where to start a triathlon on the atmosphere of the event. It doesn’t matter to me which organization is organizing it. But to be honest: I know Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is a very nice race with a lot of spectators along the course. It has to be amazing to finish in Almere. The red finish carpet is one thing I really want to cross!”

Kerstges is triathlete for only two years but she completed the 111 of Bilzen (1km swim, 100km bike and 10km run) already. A Middle Distance is something new to her, but she registered for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam on her birthday. ,,They say I’m ready for it”, she said laughing. ,,I will make it to the finish line, no doubt about that one. But I want to finish in under 6 hours, of course depending on the weather conditions. For me, that can be tough.”

She explains that swimming will take her about 40 minutes. If weather is good, it’s possible for her to ride about an 30km average per hour so the bike course will take her about 3 hours then. ,,Let’s calculate 10 minutes for the transition area’s, so that I’ll have 2:10 hours left for the half marathon. We’ll see if I’m going to make it.”

Kerstges is definitely looking forward to the race. ,,I feel some tension, of course, but as far as I’m not awake in the nights, that’s ok”, she jokes. ,,During the race, I’m going to enjoy as much as possible. I’m not going to focus on my time. To be honest: if I don’t finish in under 6 hours, it’s still possible to be happy about my performance. I want to experience everything consciously, including the briefings before the race. The friday before Challenge Almere-Amsterdam I took off from work, just to be able to join this briefing.