Daf Dubbelman: ‘Probably I’ll be the fastest finisher with the least amount of training hours’

In the upcoming weeks we will speak with our participants. With you! About your preperations, your goals. And of course about the story behind your participation. Today the story of Daf Dubbelman.

,,Probably I’ll be the fastest finisher with the least amount of training hours.” These words were written by Daf Dubbelman on his registration form for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. I’m not training this much, but do expect to end up at the top ten percent of the athletes.”

Dubbelman will start at the Middle Distance. In 2010 he already competed in the Long Distance in Almere, but at that point he trained even less. In fact he had only been doing triathlon for three months and could barely swim freestyle for 40 meters. ,,I’m used to aim for the finish, but this year I want to go for a fast time. Nowadays I train five times a week. That’s really a lot to me. I think I’m good at triathlon, at least for someone who doesn’t train this much.”

When Dubbelman finished his first Long Distance, he had only just started with triathlon. ,,But I think a healthy, fit man should be able to cover those distances. The diversity of the sport appeals to me.” Dubbelman hopes to finish in under 5 hours in September, but thinks 4:45 hours might be possible. ,,But I’m not swimming yet. Last months I’ve swum twice a distance of more than 2000 meters and visited a pool max five times.”

Dubbelman is really looking forward to Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. ,,I like the flat course. The straight roads. And of course the amazing spectators.”