Highlighted: Local races

In preparation, not only training schedules are important but also testing yourself in events. We’ve selected a couple of races in our vicinity if you’d like to test your strength in our ‘polder’. Racing in Almere is quite a specific effort, as there are large portions of the course where there’s absolutely no shelter against the elements. Selecting these local races we made sure the courses would be representative for racing Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.

Almeers Triathlon Circuit
In a January-June timespan the Almeers Triathlon Circuit is organised. The Circuit consists of four races in Almere, a running event, a time trial, an OD or Sprint triathlon and a swim-run. All the races take place on or near the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam courses. The dates are as follows:

-January 25th, KidneyRun@Night, Running event with distances of 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 km.
-April 6th, Time Trial, Solo cycling event with distances of 11, 21 and 42 km. Furthermore a Team Time Trial (21km) will be organised.
-June 1st, Triathlon, Triathlon event over mini, sprint and Olympic distances. Dutch 1st division starts in a seperate Stayersprint series.
-June 29th, Swim-run, outdoor Combisports event over distances of 0.25-2.5, 0.5-5 and 1-10 (s-r, in km). Concluded with bbq!

Triathlon Amsterdam Nieuw-West
Have you ever been to Amsterdam? It’s really worth the trip. Especially in combination with a race at Triathlon Amsterdam Nieuw-West. On June 8th there’s open series in the Sprint and OD races. Enjoyed last years ‘Eredivisie’-race in Almere? There’s another Eredivisierace to watch in Amsterdam. More info here.

Triathlon Huizen
It’s another province, but still quite close to the Almere race site it’s Triathlon Huizen. It takes place at June 15th. A large part of the cycling course overlaps with the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam course. More info here.

Zeewolde Endurance
On June 27th, 28th and 29th Zeewolde will be all about Endurance. It starts off with an “ultrashort” Triathlon for Students on the 27th. The 28th will see a triathlon in an unique distance that meets in the middle of a sprint and an Olympic distance. The finale will be a half marathon on the 29th. The students will start in a shorter race than the Junior Challenge, so it’s quite the preparation! The triathlon’s cycling course will contain a lot of straight ‘polder’-roads. It’s surely worth it to check out the site!

Triathlon Noordoostpolder
Just two weeks before Challenge Almere-Amsterdam there’s Triathlon Noordoostpolder. Located about 50 km’s from the Almere City Centre,the start takes place in the city of Emmeloord. There’s races in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 distances. Check this site for more info on Triathlon Noordoostpolder.

Triathlon Flevoland transparant