Get to know the people behind Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

Our volunteers receive many compliments from athletes, and we thought it would be nice to introduce you to the team of volunteers that organizes the oldest race of Europe! So when you see them around in September, you know who they are! Today, we’d like to introduce you to Judith Ettema, manager Athletes Care (the one who provides you with delicious goodies after you finish!)

We asked her about her motivation to help with this event and what her fondest memory is until now: “CAA is special for me because I know many of the athletes from Triathlon Vereniging Almere who participate in the race. It is also the largest event of Almere, it’s great to be able to help!”

“I have enjoyed many great moments, but I always get goose bumps when the first finisher comes running towards the finish line. You realize what they had to do and especially what they had to keep from doing in order to race, and I have great respect for that!”

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