Get to know the people behind Challenge Almere-Amsterdam #4

Our volunteers receive many compliments from athletes, and we thought it would be nice to introduce you to the team of volunteers that organizes the oldest race of Europe. So when you see them around in September, you know who they are! Today, we’d like to introduce you to Rolinde Renes, one of our volunteers that helps with many aspects of the race.

We asked her about her motivation to help with this event and what her fondest memory is until now: “A couple of years ago I wanted to be back in society again, meet new people, and do something with my spare time. Now I’ve been infected with the Challenge virus and I spend three weeks of my vacation helping out as a volunteer. I help out with the team that prepares the event, and during the weekend I’m head cashier and I help with taking care of athletes after their race. I like the fact that everybody works hard but still has the time to have fun together. I like to see the Challenge Village rise in the week before the event, welcoming the last athlete to the finish, and to see the village being cleaned up again within just a couple of days. The best part is when athletes thank you for your help and the organization after they finish (sometimes they even return to thank you). I have spent many years building the Volunteers Area and providing volunteers with food and drinks, and I help out at the office.”

“My best experience is working together with Ank Out at the finish and athlete zone. Everyone knew us as a team, we were indeed a good team. This year Ank is no longer with us – she passed away recently due to cancer, but many volunteers will remember her.”

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