Get to know the people behind Challenge Almere-Amsterdam #3

Our volunteers receive many compliments from athletes, and we thought it would be nice to introduce you to the team of volunteers that organizes the oldest race of Europe! So when you see them around in September, you know who they are! Today, we’d like to introduce you to Corry Aarts who volunteers as secretary for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. If you contact us with any questions you’ll most likely receive and answer from our Corry. During the weekend, she’ll be in charge of information so you’ll find her at the Challenge Family Lounge or at the information desk, answering questions from about everyone from early morning to late at night.

We asked her about her motivation to help with this event and what her fondest memory is until now: “For me, helping out with this triathlon is a unique way to spend my time because of the enthusiasm of the athletes, their drive to complete the race, sportsmanship, but especially the feeling of solidarity with the team, the feeling that I’m part of the group and being able to help out.”

“There are many great moments.”

“I’ll never forget two special moments that happened last year: an athlete, after he finished, asked for me especially to thank me for my help during his registration process. Another special moment was when I handed out medals to friends of my children.”

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