Final decision Challenge Almere-Amsterdam will be taken July 8th

As mentioned before we would get back to you with news about Challenge Almere-Amsterdam no later than July 1st. Can we organize this amazing event in September – possibly in alternative form – under the measures that apply at that time. And is it safe to do so? On the 8th of July we will give you a definitive answer.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we’ve tried, we can’t give you a definite answer today. The Dutch press conference held last week – and everything that was announced in it – put us in a whole new situation and we had to change plans again. We understand how difficult this is for you. As an athlete – and we all are – you want to know where you stand, you want to enjoy your preparation for what should be the most beautiful race of the year and you want to make sure you’re in the best shape possible in the second weekend of September. Straight from our heart: we feel and understand the desire that many of you have for clarity. But also spoken straight from our heart: we are doing everything we can to give you the clarity that you are hoping for as soon as possible. We want it as much as you do.

But, no matter how big our wish is to create this beautiful event, unfortunately it is not leading in our decision. We depend on what can and may be done in connection with the coronary pandemic. We are in close consultation with other parties involved: the municipality/safety region, medical staff and our volunteers. What can and cannot be done? What is safe and what are possible bottlenecks? These are questions in which all the lights must be on green to be able to give a definitive ‘go’. Of course, we understand everyone’s point of view and understand all the considerations and decisions made by the parties involved, and the time it takes.

We will therefore use these next few days to see if we can get all lights on green, and to map out what is possible and what is not. We will get back to you definitively on July 8th at the latest.


As an extension of this message, we will of course once again extend our refund scheme. If you, as an athlete, have taken out a cancellation option, you will still be able to get a one hundred percent refund of your registration fee after our final decision. The refund scheme will apply until 14 July.

We hope for your understanding.

Team Challenge Almere-Amsterdam