Challenge Almere-Amsterdam to host 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Long Distance

After a stunning 2021 World Triathlon Championships Long Distance, breaking one race record after another, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam and Europe Triathlon now announce they will host the 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Long Distance on September 10, 2022. Triathletes from all over Europe will compete for the open European titles Long Distance – 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of biking and 42.2 kilometers of running. In addition, there are options on the table to also host the European Long Distance Championships in 2023 and 2024 in The Netherlands.

Race Director Richard Belderok: ‘Looking forward to the undoubtedly exciting battles’

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam has previously hosted seven European Championships: in 1985, 1991, 1999, 2006, 2014, 2017 and 2019. “Throughout the years we have seen champions live up to their role as favorites and we have seen newcomers surprise. Each European Championship was incredibly exciting to see how the race would develop, so we are already looking forward to the undoubtedly exciting battles that will erupt in Almere next year,” said Challenge Almere-Amsterdam Race Director Richard Belderok.

Europe Triathlon President Bertrandi: ‘We continue creating unforgettable triathlon moments’

“It is wonderful that we are returning to Almere in 2021 to make history again,” said Europe Triathlon President Renato Bertrandi. “Almere is a city that breathes triathlon and together we have built a rich history here. Meanwhile, we continue building and creating more unforgettable, spectacular and memorable triathlon moments, including with this 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Long Distance in Almere.”

Challenge Family CEO Jort Vlam: ‘We are pleased to write history, together with Europe Triathlon’

According to Challenge Family CEO Jort Vlam, the 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Long Distance Almere-Amsterdam will mark the start of the next forty years of sports history in Almere. “In our last edition we celebrated our fortieth anniversary. That was a celebration of a wonderful history – including the book ’40 years of Holland Triathlon: from pioneering to tradition in Almere’ – so we are thrilled to kick off the next episode with the European Championship. We are pleased to continue writing history, together with Europe Triathlon.”

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam one of the fastest races in the world

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam has been among the fastest races in the world since 2021. Kristian Hogenhaug (DEN), who crossed the finish line in a time of 7:37:46, crowned himself World Champion. His time makes it the fifth fastest time ever recorded at a Long Distance. Among the women, the win went to Sarissa de Vries (NLD), who crossed the line after 8:32:05 and claimed the world title. She thus recorded the ninth fastest time ever. In addition to these race records, dozens of national records were broken during the 2021 edition of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. “In 2022 we hope to see even faster times. Our course lies below sea level, runs through polders and is completely flat. Under favorable weather conditions you can really make an unprecedented pace here,” said Belderok. “It will be a pleasure to welcome all those athletes on our course again.”

More info about entry procedure and regulations regarding the competition uniform will be published in January.

About Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is the oldest Long Distance triathlon in Europe and the second oldest triathlon in the world. With forty years of sports history and several European Championships and World Championships to its name, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam has excited young triathletes, hosted well-known triathletes and produced champions at the same time. Outstanding winners included Axel Koenders, Gregor Stam, Gerrit Schellens, Frank Heldoorn, Yvonne, van Vlerken, Heleen bij de Vaate and Chrissie Wellington. Dane Kristian Hogenhaug realized the fastest race, with a finishing time of 7:37:46 in 2021. Among the women, Sarissa de Vries holds the race record: 8:32:05. In 2022 Almere will host the European Championships Long Distance.