Challenge Almere-Amsterdam organization relocates to World Trade Center Almere

The organization behind Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, the oldest long distance triathlon in Europe, has moved to the World Trade Center Almere. The opportunity arose to relocate from the sport venue in Almere Buiten to the local and international business environment of the WTC, enabling Challenge Almere-Amsterdam to expand the international event.

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam was offered the opportunity to relocate their office to the exceptional building of the World Trade Center in Almere Stad. According to Fons van der Ham, CEO WTC, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is a suitable partner for the World Trade Center Almere, because of the professional and international representation of the organization. “The WTC wants to increase its bond with the city of Almere. The triathlon is the oldest sport event of the city, and furthermore has an international profile. Therefore we approached Challenge”.

The World Trade Center Almere offers high-quality office space to entrepreneurs and stimulates regional economic growth. The addition of a sports organization such as Challenge Almere-Amsterdam fits well within the goal of the WTC to be a place for everyone; a hub in which organizations are part of an international operating business network but are active locally and regionally as well. Bernd Jan Bolwijn, asset manager of the WTC: “The World Trade Center wants to connect and take a central stage in the city. It offers the availability for entrepreneurs to meet each other, have a flexible space to work, organize meetings or rent office spaces. The Challenge fits in well within our mission”.

The organization of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is pleased with the change in work environment. “The new office is a more quiet place to work. Working within the sport venue was always accompanied with noise from the sport activities”, says chairman Patrick Seinstra. “But the most important benefit of the WTC is the proximity of other businesses and the possible new sponsor deals that can emerge from the network. This will offer the organization the opportunity to take the Challenge a step further. However, we will miss the sport venue in Almere Buiten. That is eventually the historical location of the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. For example, the Dutch Triathlon Bond was founded in Almere Buiten in the 80s!”.

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam
The organization of the triathlon was founded in 1981. Since 2013, the organization became part of the international Challenge Family. The ETU European Championship will take place during the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam long distance triathlon on Saturday September 13th, 2014. Friday 12 September and Sunday 14 September, athletes will compete in the Junior Challenge, Business Triathlon, Family Relay and finals of Schuiteman second Division and Lotto Eredivisie Triathlon.  After Hawaii, the race in Almere is the oldest triathlon in the world. Athletes swim 3,9 km in the lake Weerwater, continue on bike for 180 km through the polders of Flevoland, and finally run 42,2 km around the Weerwater. The start and finish are both at the Esplanade in Almere Stad. Please visit the website for more information about the race, opportunities to participate, and sponsorship possibilities. You can also contact us via