Challenge Almere-Amsterdam launches new website

The new website of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is online! With a new look and feel this website fits perfect with the image of the race itself and with the website of other Challenge Family races. The last couple of months, the organization of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam has worked hard to built this new website with information for athletes, spectators, volunteers and others.

The research that was conducted right after the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2014 showed that we needed to upgrade our website. The organization decided to do this right away and asked triathlete and website-designer Cornelis Scheltinga to design this new website. It was presented during our New Year’s partner meeting. “The new website was built according to the latest fashion and adapts itself to every screen, from pc, smartphone to tablet. It is a lot more dynamic than the old one, because of which information is easier to find. Furthermore, this design offers more possibilities to show the great photo’s and video’s”, according to Scheltinga. The organization is very happy with the new website. “This new website is a great improvement and really shows the atmosphere of the race. It is also great in providing information about the event”, says Jort Vlam from the organization.

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2015

The Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2015 will take place on Saturday 12 September. Besides the long distance event, many other races will take place during the weekend of 11-13 September, like the Junior Challenge, Senior Challenge and Business & Family Relays. Furthermore, the Dutch teams will compete during the Premier League finals on Sunday September 12th.