Challenge Almere-Amsterdam hands over 300 water bottles to Milieu Service Nederland, together in search of sustainability

No less than 300 water bottles were handed over by Jefry Visser this week to Oscar Peterson of Milieu Service Nederland (MSN) on behalf of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. Not just for fun of course, but with a mission and a common goal: to make the biggest triathlon of the Netherlands as sustainable as possible and thus contribute to a better environment.

MSN therefore speaks of a “beautiful next step in the cooperation with Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.” In Challenge Almere-Amsterdam’s quest to become the most sustainable sporting event in the Netherlands, Milieu Service Nederland is clearly very happy to help. “At MSN, we like to move quickly,” Peterson explains. “Challenge Almere-Amsterdam has set a great ambition and we really want to be part of that. Nothing better to give an ambition immediate force by linking, in this case, the water bottle chain project. Every year, millions of water bottles are thrown away and incinerated as residual waste. A shame. The type of material lends itself perfectly to recycling. We are currently investigating whether we can make new ones from used water bottles, which is why we need as many used water bottles as possible.”

In this respect, therefore, both organizations have found the perfect partner in each other, Visser explains on behalf of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. “Thousands of water bottles are used at our event. Every year. Of course our athletes desperately need them, both during the bike and run. Many of those water bottles go home after the event, as a souvenir and also because athletes still use them during training, but at the same time many water bottles are left behind, to eventually be thrown away. That is of course a shame, all the more so if you could do something useful with them. So, it is great to see how MSN is committed to making something useless into something useful again. They really help us in the mission towards the sustainability of our event.”