Water Brigade

The water brigade consists of a large team that together take care of the safety on the swim course. For example, divers, canoeists, bodyboards and skippers are needed. There are also several rescue teams that contribute to safety.

Water Brigade

Functions and tasks


  • Usually helping as a snorkeler
  • Keeping an eye on the swimming athletes to see if everything is still going well
  • Supporting athletes who are in need of help


  • Staying with an athlete (e.g. health risk athlete or Para Athlete)
  • Surveillance along the swimming course
  • Helping athletes when they’re in need


  • Guiding the start on a bodyboard


  • Sailing around with people from the press, jury and/or invitees

Rescue Brigades

  • Controlled by the command post
  • Watching athletes
  • Supporting athletes if they are in need of help
  • Transporting divers
  • Transporting press
  • Transporting medical carers
Water Brigade


  • Swimming diploma

  • Skippers: both with and without licence

  • Canoeists: having your own canoe is nice, but not mandatory

  • Minimum age 16 years old