VIP Area

On the Esplanade there is a separate area near the finish for VIPs. This is especially for invited guests such as sponsors, partners and prominent people. A VIP program will be put together for them and at that location the VIPs will be provided with food and drinks. There are 2 functions for volunteers in the VIP area, namely host and hospitality crew. As host you will be host on behalf of the organization of the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships for the VIPs and as catering crew you will serve the VIPs at the bar and support the caterer.

VIP Area

Functions and tasks


  • Ensuring a hospitable welcome
  • Invitation and admission ticket control
  • Providing information about the event and race schedule
  • Providing information about the VIP facilities & program
  • Checking and maintenance of toilet facilities
  • Controlling and keeping the VIP area orderly
  • Support catering staff (where necessary)

Catering crew

  • Beverage dispensing at the bar
  • Assisting with setting up, dispensing and cleaning up buffets & snacks
  • Tidy up/collect empty plates & glasses and take care of the dishes
  • Checking for & regular emptying of ash and garbage cans
  • Controlling and keeping the VIP area orderly
VIP Area


  • Hospitable

  • Friendly

  • For hospitality crew preferably hospitality experience