Vans (Coffee, Sweeper, etc.)

During the races there will be several cars on the course which will take care of the course itself, the athletes on the course and the volunteers on the course. Cars will pick up stranded athletes and cars will bring coffee and other food and drinks to the volunteers.

Vans (coffee, sweeper, etc.)

Functions and tasks

‘Broom car’

  • Driving a van on the bike course to pick up athletes who are stranded
  • Returning athletes safely
  • There are 2 volunteers in a van
  • Communication by walkie-talkie with the central post

Coffee car

  • Drive a van over the course to provide volunteers standing there with food and drinks.
  • There are 2 volunteers in a van
  • Talk to the volunteers
Vans (coffee, sweeper, etc.)


  • As a driver in possession of a driving license B. No driver’s licence required if co-driver

  • Having knowledge of the course or are willing to learn it

  • Social and communication skills