Transition Area

During a triathlon athletes go for a bike ride after their swim and go for a run after their bike ride. Switching between these disciplines will take place in the so-called Transition Area. Other names for this place are Parc Fermé, ‘wisselzone’ or (abbreviated) TA. The Transition Area is an enclosed area that is only accessible for athletes. The Transition Area also includes a changing tent where athletes have to place their bags with changing clothes. Athletes get blue, red and green bags to put their gear in. The tasks for the Transition Area volunteer function depend on the time of day. For example, before the race tasks are totally different than during the race.

Transition Area

Functions and tasks

  • Assist with check-in of the bikes
  • Guiding athletes in TA
  • Being a contact point for athletes
  • Taking green bags from athletes
  • Guiding athletes in the changing tent
  • Assist with checkout of the bikes
  • Make sure only athletes get into the TA
Transition Area


  • Enthusiastic

  • Customer friendly

  • Willing to know as much as possible about important things for athletes