Motor Brigade

The motor crew includes all motors that are on course during the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships. The motor crew is mainly active on the bike course. There are several functions that bikers can occupy, which are explained below. A training and selection day will be organised for all motor riders, after which advice will be given about the work to be done.

Motor Brigade

Functions en tasks

Driving Jury

  • Taking an official on the course
  • Officials check if athletes obey the rules
  • Follow rules and instructions
  • Ensuring a safe ride

Driving press

  • Transporting someone from the press
  • Think of photographers, journalists and camera crew
  • Follow rules and instructions
  • Ensuring a safe ride

Drivers in front

  • Riding in front of the first (and fastest) athletes during the race
  • Have a sign on your bike, which marks the spot of the athlete who is behind you
  • Communicating to the organisation where the athlete is located on the course
  • Follow rules and instructions

Course monitoring

  • Keeping an eye on the state of the course
  • Reporting irregularities to the Central Post
  • Solving problems in consultation with the assistant course manager
  • Taking care/noting most busy moments on course

Other tasks

  • Bringing food/drinks to locations where it’s impossible to come for a car
  • Taking team members of the medical service
  • Taking people of the organization team
Motor Brigade


  • In possession of driving license A

  • Prepared to join a training and selection day

  • Have knowledge about the course or are willing to learn this

  • Willing to follow rules and instructions