Medical Services

During the races of the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships, the Medical Service takes care of all athletes and volunteers. There is a central medical post in the theatre (Kunstlinie) on the Esplanade, but there are also various mobile posts (by car, by motorbike and by bike) to support athletes as soon as possible if something happens during the swim, bike or run. We always work in teams per medical post, consisting for example of 1 doctor and 1 nurse/doctoral assistant/physiotherapist.

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Medical Services

Functions and tasks

Medical service

  • Providing acute medical assistance to athletes on the track
  • Providing acute medical assistance to athletes after their finish
  • Providing acute medical assistance to volunteers
  • Estimate whether more specialist medical assistance is needed
  • Involving more specialist medical assistance if needed
  • Working in teams by medical post
  • Working under the direction of a (medical) central post
Medical Services


  • Medical background as a doctor’s assistant, nurse, physiotherapist or doctor

  • Able to work in a team

  • Able to work under the control of a (medical) central post