Lead Cyclist

Bikers who are the people who accompany the first three men and the first three women of the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships and CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM side events.

A few days before the race there will be a meeting in which all the rules will be discussed, explaining what the run course is and at what distance you are classified.

Lead Cyclist

Functions and tasks

Bikers in front of fastest athletes

  • Riding in front of an athlete who is running in first, second or third position in the race.
  • Have a sign on your bike that says on which spot the athlete lies
  • Communicating to the organisation where the athlete is located on the course
  • Follow rules and instructions
Lead Cyclist


  • In possession of a decent bike (preferably mountain bike)

  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory

  • Having knowledge of the course or are willing to get to know it

  • Willing to follow rules and instructions