To organize a large event like the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships, it is necessary to have a good infrastructure. In cooperation with the build-up and dismantling crew, you take care of the construction of electricity and water facilities on the entire event site, according to the earlier made plans.


Functions and tasks

Technical support

  • Construction of electricity and water supplies
  • Connecting the users according to the plan and good insight
  • Consultation with users about, for example, the capacity
  • Maintenance of e.g. electricity
  • Cleaning up of electricity, water and other temporary technical facilities



  • Knowledge of and experience with electricity and water

  • Being able to read and interpret technical drawings

  • Not afraid to work hard

  • Being able to work under the supervision of a manager

  • Enthusiastic

  • Being able to function even with worse weather

  • In possession of a first aid / FAFS diploma is useful but not mandatory