Building Esplanade

The most important event area during the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships Almere-Amsterdam is based on the Esplanade in Almere. During the Europe Triathlon Long Distance Championships everything revolves around this square. Lots of actions are needed to turn this square into a fully operational event site.

The building team ensures that everything is worked out according to plan and that a complete event square is created.

Building Esplanade

Functions and tasks

Building team

  • Placing and tidying up all the fencing on the Esplanade and around it
  • Assembling and dismantling the bicycle racks in the Transition Area
  • Building up and taking down the finish arch
  • Building up and emptying the transition tent at the Transition Area
  • Building up and tidying up pop-up tents
  • Putting down and removing banners and flags on the Esplanade
  • Putting down and tidying up tables and benches in different places
  • Installation and dismantling of market stalls
  • Building up and lowering of airbows and other inflatables
Building Esplanade


  • Willing to wear good/safe (work) shoes

  • Be prepared to work according to the safety rules

  • Preferred being able to carry things

  • A forklift certificate is very nice, but certainly not mandatory

  • Being able to work in a team

  • Enthusiastic

  • Not afraid to work hard

  • In possession of a first aid / FAFS diploma is useful but not mandatory