Building Coures

To ensure that athletes can safely enjoy the course during their race, a lot of preparation is needed. For example, the road signs and mileage signs must be properly positioned everywhere, dangerous points must be marked and it must be clear where roadblocks are needed. Of course all of this needs to be cleared away after the race. In addition, during the races it must be ensured that cars used on the course and items like walkie-talkies are carefully issued and collected.

Building Coures

Functions and tasks

Course team

  • Putting signposts and mileage signs along the bike and run course
  • Measuring the bike and run track+
  • Marking of dangerous points on bike and run course
  • Clarifying crossroads on the bike and run course+
  • Checking the aid stations instructions


  • Issuing materials such as cars and walkie-talkies
  • Collecting materials such as cars and walkie-talkies
Building Coures


  • Used to hold a hammer

  • As a driver being in possession of a driving licence B

  • Have knowledge of the area and the course

  • Being able to work safely