Run course presented and bike course updated

Today the organisation of the 2014 ETU Challenge Almere-Amsterdam presents its updated run and bike courses.

The run course was changed significantly opposed to last years’ 10k lap, it now includes a small loop on the Forum in the city centre and follows the outlines of the Weerwater. The run course lap now measures just 7km and therefore will be taken 6 times by athletes on the Long Distance bringing it exactly to 42.2k. The athletes on the Half Distance will take 3 laps. This means the relay zone for the athletes on the Business4Tri (Half Distance) takes place at the second coach post, which is located near restaurant ‘The View’ on the Bergsmapad.

The full details on the run course, including GPX-files, can be found on our website in the ‘courses‘ section.

Also, the map of the bike course was updated. Since the previously unfinished road in the ‘Stille Kern’ in Zeewolde was recently finished which resulted in a slightly too long course it was needed to remove a small loop in Lelystad. This means the bike course lap is 180k for the Long Distance and 92.5k for the Half Distance.

The details on the bike course lap, including GPX-files, are also updated on our site.

skyline almere