Important: Work on the highway to Almere

If you’re traveling to Almere by car this weekend, please note that they are working on the highways leading to Almere. This will probably cause delay. Plan your trip ahead via

Please be advised that this weekend during both Friday and Saturday night the junction Muiderberg (A1 to A6) is closed from the direction coming from Huizen, Naarden, Hilversum: You are advised to take the A27 coming to Almere, then take exit 36 “Almere-Haven” and use the “Waterlandse weg” (N305) to reach the Esplanade.

There are no construction works announced for the A1/A6 from the direction of Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport.

Make sure you leave on time, and don’t hurry to much: there are speeding cameras in Almere!

When you’re traveling by train, please check for the latest information concerning the trains’ time schedule. There is no construction work announced on the tracks to Almere.