Heat expected – advice and additional measures

We are on the eve of a wonderful Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. A triathlon weekend where we are going to write history. With each other. And you as an athlete are at the center of it all!

But, important to mention: it will also be days with high temperatures, lots of sun and thus lots of heat. Of course, we are monitoring the weather conditions every day. Therefore, we would like to urge you to take good care of yourselves and to always be mindful of your own health – and that of others. Please read below carefully the advice we have drawn up because of the high temperatures. For the time being – because of the extra measures we have taken – we see no reason to modify or shorten the race. With the exception of the Junior Challenge, which we kick off on Thursday, September 7. This race is meant for young and often untrained children. For this group we do not consider it responsible to race in the heat, so we have halved the run (from 4 to 2 kilometers).

Again: please read the advice below (for athletes, spectators and volunteers) thoroughly and just as important, take it seriously.

Before the race

– Make sure you have drunk and eaten enough before the race.

– Lubricate yourself well

– Put on your wetsuit as late as possible, so you avoid standing around for a long time with your wetsuit on.

During the race

– Drink enough. Drink about 1.5 times as much fluid as you lose sweat (about 1 liter per hour). Always drink large sips at a time;

– Drink mostly isotonic sports drinks. This is best absorbed and aims to prevent salt and therefore fluid deficiency. This is in contrast to when you drink mainly water.

– Keep eating well, too, to replenish deficiencies.

– Throwing water over your head or using a wet sponge will cool you down well.

– Sponges will be handed out at supply station 3 on the run course. You can drop them there after use or take them to the next care station where you can wet them again. You can do this at all subsequent care stations on the run course.

– We will provide additional cooling options.

– White or light clothing reflects heat best as opposed to dark clothing.

– Wear a cap to protect your head from the bright sun.

– Use sunglasses.

– Triathlon is also about pushing boundaries. Nevertheless; know your own limits. Stop or adjust the pace before your body gives out.

– Still, it can happen that your body temperature gets too high. Watch out for the following signs:

– Feeling very hot during exercise

– A headache

– Dizziness, blurred vision

– Loss of coordination, making it difficult to walk or staggering.

– Nausea

– If this bothers you, walk more slowly. If it does not improve, find a cool place and have someone, such as a volunteer, alert our medical professionals.

– In any case, please consult our medical service providers with any complaints or questions.

After the race

– After finishing under the shower, walk to the shade, then continue inside to the athletes’ area, where it is cooler than outside.

– Drink and eat something there to replenish deficiencies.

– If things don’t go well, seek contact with a medical provider or volunteer.


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Advice for visitors of Challenge Almere – Amsterdam


  1. Drink 2 liters of fluids (preferably water) per day. If you urinate less than normal or if your urine gets darker you should drink more. There are two taps on the Esplanade where drinking water can be taken from, bring a water bottle or water bottle so you can refill it all the time. Also, there are plenty of options for purchasing drinks on and around the event grounds.


  1. Grease uncovered skin well. In full sun, always wear a sun hat or sun visor. Wear sunglasses.


  1. Stay in a cool room or seek shade, especially during the hottest hours of the day between noon – 5 pm.


  1. Keep infants and toddlers in the shade.


  1. Provide refrigerated food. Also consider eating or drinking soup, broth, milk, ice cream or tomato juice to replenish lost salt.


  1. Provide adequate ventilation


  1. Be moderate with beverages containing alcohol and caffeine.


  1. Wear airy clothing. Put a cool wet towel on your neck occasionally.


  1. Go to the emergency room with health complaints during the event and with

health complaints after the event to the doctor.


  1. Take care of each other. Extend a helping hand if there are people in your area who need help or to follow this advice.

Source: GGD Flevoland

Advice for volunteers of Challenge Almere – Amsterdam

  1. Drink 2 liters of fluids (preferably water) per day. If you urinate less than normal or if your urine gets darker you should drink more. If you are short of water/drink; let us know and we will try to provide more drinks. Bring a water bottle or water bottle, for example there are taps on the esplanade where you can refill water.


  1. Grease uncovered skin well and bring sunscreen. In full sun, always wear a sun hat or sun visor. Wear sunglasses.


  1. If possible, seek shade. If necessary, bring a light-colored umbrella or small parasol to create shade.


  1. Provide adequate ventilation, blow!


  1. Be moderate with caffeinated beverages.


  1. Wear airy clothing. Put a cool wet cloth on your neck occasionally.


  1. With health complaints during the event, go to a medical provider of the organization. In case of health complaints after the event, see a doctor.


  1. Take care of each other. Lend a helping hand if there are people around you who need help and remind each other of the advice: keep drinking enough, apply sunscreen and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Source: GGD Flevoland