Former armed robber starts at CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM

When John McAvoy first had dreams of becoming a professional athlete, several metres of concrete, barbed wire and iron bars held him back. The former professional bank robber was currently mid-way through a hefty prison sentence, serving time for conspiracy to commit robbery and firearms offences.

Whilst behind bars in 2009, after watching a news report covering the death of one his close friends during a police chase, John realised that his life of crime was over. Redemption takes many forms, and McAvoy found solace and peace in the prison gym.

Following several years of training and fitness regimes, and breaking much indoor records, McAvoy was released and immediately turned his attention to bettering himself, and his personal bests, but entering the world of triathlon.

In 2016 McAvoy entered the European Championship IronMan Frankfurt. And this year he will enter CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM. To say the least: a striking figure at the start!