Europe Triathlon and Challenge Almere-Amsterdam thank city of Almere: ‘Successful event welcomed even warm as always’

After a very successful 42nd edition of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam which took place on the second weekend of September 2023 and which found a spectacular climax in the European Championship Long Distance, Europe Triathlon and Challenge Almere-Amsterdam thank the municipality of Almere for its hospitality.

That hospitality goes back over forty years and that is precisely what is greatly appreciated, explained by Challenge Almere-Amsterdam Event Director Jefry Visser. He presented a gift to Almere Mayor Hein van der Loo this week on behalf of Europe Triathlon. Visser: “Almere is a young city, but by now it has a rich sports history. Challenge Almere-Amsterdam as an event is inextricably linked to the city. We even can say that we grew up together. This would never have been possible without the good cooperation with the municipality. We feel very welcome here and the city has always given us the space to grow our event into what it is today: the second oldest triathlon in the world, one of the biggest triathlons in the world, one of the fastest races in the world and a race known and loved by triathletes from all over the world.”

Mayor Hein van der Loo, of course, received the gift with open arms. “Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is a great sporting event: both for international participants and for athletes from our own city. I am proud that, as a young city, we have welcomed this triathlon for forty years. That’s all thanks to the professional organization and a lot of amazing volunteers.”

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam attracted over 3,500 triathletes from all over the world this year, as well as tens of thousands of spectators. The race was broadcast live all over the world. In 2024, the event will again take place on the second weekend of September, with the European Championships Long Distance on Sept. 14.