Christmas gift: training guide from former pro triathlete Dirk Bockel

Triathlon: it’s a way of life. But just like real life, you can make some good and some bad decisions in your triathlon ‘career’. Not only when you are a pro, but maybe even more when you are a beginner. Former pro triathlete Dirk Bockel (and one of the speakers of our live coverage of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam) sees this difficulty of the sport and is really motivated to help triathletes struggling with this dilemma. That’s the reason why he wrote his book ‘The Art of Triathlon Training – A proven Guide for your Triathlon Journey’.

With this book, Bockel wants to help beginners, but also ambitious and more trained athletes. ,,It’s for beginners to learn triathlon right from the beginning when they start, but also for the ambitious athlete who wants to fine tune and get better by optimizing the training and the big picture like planning, gear, training and race approach.”

Push yourself further
His book is more than ‘just following’ some training schedules, Bockel said. ,,The book provides an easy to follow guide for athletes which starts with the planning phase, the strategically approach to sign up for races that fit the person and then to dive into the different aspects of training, the mental aspect and getting the right gear before even starting to train. Once you start training, I am showing how to be more effective and how to maximize their potential for each athlete. Tricks to fine tune the performance before racing and even how to use the mental secrets in order to push yourself further and how to get more familiarized with yourself.”

Benefit of each athlete
But why is this book better than – to call some – schedules you can find online? ,,It is unique”, Bockel said. ,,Nobody wrote that complex before. Most pros just write about their own story, but I am writing for the benefit of each athlete. This book is accompanied by another 4 books which target injury, mental components, guided meditation, everything about aerodynamics and how to coach others. These 5 books are only available digital on For people that are even more thirsty to learn more, I created a FB Mentorship group for just 25 euro per month (for the FB group) to connect with me unlimited and get coaching and advising through this platform:

The book won’t replace a day to day trainer, but Bockel is sure it is a must read. ,,Once you have completed reading the book, there should not be any open questions. Slowtwitch and try magazine titled it a must read as it gives away all the secrets of the trade and each athlete will benefit. It will provide lots of unanswered questions that nobody addresses as nobody wants to give away the competitive advantage of training and racing.”

Tell the dirty truth
Bockel think it’s a problem that lots of triathletes just pick a random coach and don’t know what it takes to actually finish a Long Distance Triathlon. ,,I address the issue of having the right coach and what is takes to complete the race. It is simply but so many athletes are advised wrongly and that has been a motivation for me to share the secrets so that everybody can enjoy the beauty of our sport. Lots of money and time is wasted by not understanding the game properly. With this book, I will help you out on that. For example: I will show why it makes more sense to work on your position on the bike versus buying a new bike frame and wheel set. There is a big misconception of which the triathlon industry profits from. I simply will tell you the dirty truth so you can really get better and be more satisfied without losing any money and without wasting your time.”

More info
You can find more information about Dirk Bockel and his books on,, as well as on his social media channels. By FB Dirk Bockel is offering a special personalized signed copy, including shipping through Europe and US. If you don’t like the book, Bockel is offering money back. ,,Just because I know you will love it.”

Then Bockel added some more interesting information: ,,A part of the profits go to two foundations, so buying the book is a contribution from each buyer to SOS Children Village and Marc Heremans ‘To Walk Again’ Foundation. So you help yourself by buying the book, but others as well!”