CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM 2016 scores an 8,7 according to athletes

The organization of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM is proud of the results from the surveys sent to both athletes and volunteers after the 2016-edition of the race. 93% of the athletes who responded gave the race an 8 or higher, and the race received an overall grade of 8,7 (in 2015, the race received an 8,5). More athletes compared to last year said the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM scored better than other races they competed in this year. Furthermore, the larger part of the group of volunteers said that they were satisfied with the organization. “This feedback from both athletes and volunteers is very important to us,” says race director Richard Belderok. “We try to improve our race every year based on the comments from these surveys, so we can comply with everyone’s wishes. Apparently we succeeded this year, because we again have seen an increase in positive responses.”

The surveys also made clear that there are still a couple of aspects of the race that need to be attended to, like safety on the bike course (condition of the roads, but also in regard to other transportation or cows on the course). The bike course is situated partly in the agricultural area of the province of Flevoland, and requires special attention from the organization. Belderok: “Every year we see an improvement in the relationship between farmers, businesses and our organization, and we’ll ask farmers again next year to keep in mind our race when they are planning to harvest their products. Moreover, we’ll stay in contact with those organizations that are in charge of the condition of the roads to see how they can be improved before the race of 2017.”

Another aspect that needs the organization’s attention is the care for volunteers during the race weekend. All 600 volunteers received a survey in which they could indicate what the good and lesser aspects of the organization were. An impressive number of respondents said that they would like to come back next year. “That is very good news for us, of course, since we would not be able to organize our race without volunteers”, according to Belderok. CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM is organized solely by volunteers (management, race directors and board included). “If we receive signals that some things are not organized well and because of which some volunteers don’t want to return next year, we need to remedy that.”

On September 9 2017, CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM organizes the European and Dutch Championships of the long distance triathlon. Athletes compete on a course of 3,8km swimming, 180km cycling, and 42,2km running. The course takes them through the polders of Flevoland. The half distance triathlon also takes place on September 9th, and participation in teams on both distances is possible. See for an overview of all races organized during the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 September 2017.