Challenge weekend wrapped up with spectacular final round of Lotto Eredivisie triathlon

On the third and final day of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, the best triathlon teams of Holland battled for the title in the Lotto Eredivisie triathlon. The race, a relay over 380m swimming, a 7km bike ride and a 2km run, meant a spectacular finale of the annual competition. In the men’s race, Davilex amazed the field by winning. The women’s race belonged to the team of Hellas.

The men’s race was exciting until the end. Davilex started off well with Niek Heldoorn, but didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the fast pace of Triteam Rotterdam, Squadra Eindhoven and Canyon Fusion Maastricht. But as the race proceeded, they got back into the game and in the final 2km run Donald Hillebregt kept Marco Akershoek from crossing the finish line first. Canyon Fusion finished in second place, Squadra took third spot.

The women’s race turned out to be a battle between Hellas Utrecht and Ferro Mosae Maastricht. Linda van Bemmel took the lead for Hellas, but Sarissa de Vries, who got on second for Ferro Mosae, made up a lot of time. Danne Boterenbrood got into the Weerwater with a slight disadvantage, but overtook Sione Jongstra during the 380m swim. She pulled further away on the run, which made Ferro Mosae in favor for the title. But Jony Heerink, the last athlete for Hellas, put up a very strong fight and caught Ferro Mosae on the bike course. The team of Hellas passed the finish line hand in hand, closely followed by Ferro Mosae. Kijani ended in third position.

These results mean that the overall champion of the Lotto Eredivisie 2016 is Triteam Rotterdam. Squadra is the runner up, Canyon Fusion takes third spot. The women’s competition is won by Hellas, Ferro Mosae ends up second and Kijani completes the podium.

Jeugd-Junioren and Business and Family Relay
In the morning, the Jeugd-Junioren serie raced the same course: a 380m swim, 7km bike ride and a 2km run. TV Haarlemmermeer crossed the finish line first. The Business Relay was won by Van der Linde Almere, team Dolfijn 2 took the win in the Family Relay.

Photo Sonja Jaarsveld