CHALLENGEFAMILY awarded a total of € 140.000 in bonus prize money to the top five finishers in the CHALLENGEFAMILY European Prize Money points race. The € 140.000 end-of-season bonus has been awarded in addition to the € 38.000 prize money per long distance race and € 19.000 per half-distance CHALLENGEFAMILY race in Europe. The final event of the European prize money points race was concluded at Challenge Forte Village Sardinia, where it was determined that Chris Fischer and Mirjam Weerd were the respective winners of the men’s and women’s points race. Both Fisher and Weerd take home a € 25.000 bonus.

MEN’s European Prize Money Bonuses
1. Chris Fischer (DEN), 1.200 points, € 25,000 bonus prize money
2. Jan Raphael (GER), 1.000 points, € 17.000 bonus prize money
3. Giulio Molinari (ITA), 990 points, € 13.000 bonus prize money
4. Dirk Wijnalda (NED), 940 points, € 10.000 bonus prize money
5. Per Bittner (GER), 810 points, € 5.000 bonus prize money

Fischer began his rise in the points race with a win at the full-distance Challenge Herning in Denmark and then backed it up with a second place finish at Challenge Poznan (half distance), second at Challenge Regensburg and fourth place at Challenge Mogan Gran Canaria (half distance).

Chris Fischer: “It was from the beginning of the year a target for me to reach the top spot. To actually reach that goal is still a little surreal to me. Winning a series that’s been on for the most of 2016 also means that I have been consistent and for that I am very proud. It feels good to win a single race, but winning the rankings feels much bigger. I have had my best season so far. I would like to thank Challenge Family for making this initiative, for the kindness and hospitality from each and every organizer I have met in 2016.”

WOMEN’s European Prize Money Bonuses
1. Mirjam Weerd (NED), 1.350 points, € 25,000 bonus prize money
2. Yvonne van Vlerken (NED), 1.250 points, € 17.000 bonus prize money
3. Erika Csomor (HUN), 1.090 points, € 13.000 bonus prize money
4. Anne Jensen (DEN), 875 points, € 10.000 bonus prize money
5. Julia Viellehner (GER), 850 points, € 5.000 bonus prize money

Like Fischer, Weerd made a hot start to the points race at Challenge Herning in Denmark, taking the win at the full distance. Weerd’s consistent European season included second place at Challenge Samorin (half distance), second place at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam (full distance), fourth at Challenge Gran Canaria and finally, a third-place finish at Challenge Aruba (half distance).

Mirjam Weerd: “The Challenge European Prize Bonus has been a great incentive. I always love to race Challenge Family races as they are always true to “All About the Athlete”. In that sense, picking out races was easy and fun. The circuit attracted interesting fields of athletes. As the season went on I could feel the competition rise. The circuit asked for a smart race strategy and good tactics. For me it means a lot to come out on top. Not just for the money, which is off course very welcome to me as a professional athlete. But more so winning means I’ve been consistent throughout the seasons, something that is not easy in triathlon. I’m looking forward to the European battle next season. I expect it to be even more competitive as more athletes will be going after the bonus. Thank you to Challenge Family for giving us professional athletes the chance to race in a great circuit for a great reward.”

Zibi Szlufcik, Challenge Family CEO
We are thrilled to be able to award the 2016 European Prize Money bonuses and congratulate Chris and Mirjam on their outstanding wins. The European Prize money bonus scheme is only possible with the support of our many incredible partners across Europe and to them we offer our sincere thanks.”

The points system for the 2016 Challenge Family European Prize Money bonus scheme began at Challenge Fuerteventura in May and included 24 full and half distance races across Europe, concluding at Challenge Forte Village Sardinia in October.