Challenge Almere-Amsterdam presents Zone3 as Official Swim Partner

World’s top-rated triathlon brand Zone3 will be the new Official Swim Partner of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM. Thanks to this partnership for the upcoming three years, participants of the second oldest race of the world will be provided with a wide range of specially designed endurance products. ,,We are very pleased to present our partnership with a well known and trusted triathlon brand”, stated CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM Commercial Director Jort Vlam in a first comment.

Krystal Spicer, Events & Merchandise Manager at Zone3, commented. ,,It’s great to be working with CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM as their official Swim Partner for the next three years. It’s an exciting opportunity to support one of the oldest triathlons in the world and one of the most iconic races in Europe, as we continue on our quest to become the world’s leading triathlon brand. This partnership is also a natural extension of our global swim partnership with CHALLENGEFAMILY as official Merchandise Partner and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.”

Exclusive offers

This partnership between CHALLENGEFAMILY and Zone3 is just signed recently and therefore the partnership with CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM is a nice way to work even more closely together. Jort Vlam continues: ,,At our race there will be a large selection of wetsuits and further swim apparel available for beginners, intermediate and pro athletes. There will be some exciting, exclusive offers of Zone3 products and we truly believe this will be amazing for our athletes”, said Vlam. ,,There also will be an opportunity to hire wetsuits, so this will give our participants the chance to test and get familiar with the latest Zone3 models before purchase.”

About Zone3

Born from a spark of initiative during training sessions at a university campus, the Zone3 brand was founded in 2007. Zone3 has organically grown to become the world’s highest rated triathlon brand, with more award-winning reviews across the range than any other brand in the last 8 years. The original concept was the drawn from a deep-rooted passion for endurance sports and an unwavering desire to create market leading products, offering unparalleled performance redefining functionality.


Almere is a renowned name in triathlon history. After Hawaii, CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM (former Holland Triathlon) is the oldest triathlon of the world. Striking winners were pioneers like Axel Koenders, Gregor Stam but also Gerrit Schellens, Frank Heldoorn and Georg Potrebitsch. Yvonne van Vlerken, Heleen bij de Vaate and Chrissie Wellington were on the stand in recent years. Several European Championships and World Championships were held in Almere. The fastest race, finishing in 7:55:44, was realized by Jaroslav Kovacic in 2018. In 2019 CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM will host the ETU Long Distance European Championships and in 2020 the ITU Multisports World Championships.